Weekly Neighborhood Delivery

Join neighborhood deliveries from your favorite local stores with your neighbors and pay less together every week.

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Consistent, Affordable
Weekly Delivery

Never run out of the essentials, we remind you when stores are on the way to your neighborhood, and when it’s time to restock every week.


How It Works

Every Sunday you get a schedule for when your favorite stores are delivering to your neighborhood. Order throughout the week and invite your neighbors and friends to join deliveries with you to save together.

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Everything you need in one place

Add this week’s groceries, order dinner for Thursday night, and wine for the weekend at the same time.


No hidden fees, $1.45 each delivery

Join each neighborhood delivery for just $1.45. The more neighbors that join each delivery, the more you save.

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Better for the people and the planet

Ordering with your neighbors at the same time means less cars on the road which equals more savings for you and the local stores you love.

Join your neighborhood on Pikup

"I can order dinner tonight, next week's groceries and wine for the weekend within 10 minutes without paying a bunch just for the delivery. It saves me so much time and money!"


Ashley R.
Mom from Plymouth, MN


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