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Frequently Asked Questions​

What is Runerra?

Runerra is an app that connects communities with a new way to do commerce through a peer-to-peer marketplace. The Runerra process uses traffic within a shared community to match neighbors who are already out with shoppers near them. Simply put, Runerra is “Hey, I’m going out, who needs something?” but in an app.

How does ordering work?

Interested in buying? Check your feed that is specifically tailored to you and your community. Select a run card, type in what you want, set a spend limit, and place your order. 

Your Runner will notify you through the entire process: when they arrive at the store, are at checkout, and are on their way to deliver your order! At any stage during this process you can contact your runner in the app. 

Be sure to check the delivery location so you know where to meet your runner! 

How does running work?

Want to make some money? Tap "I want to deliver" on the home feed and follow the prompts.


Start by entering the address of where you're headed. Next, edit your delivery radius (if you only want to deliver orders back to your community, flip the switch).  


After this, all you have to do is set your delivery charge and schedule your run start time. This is the time that you will be leaving for the store/restaurant.  Lastly, confirm your run. You are now well on your way to making some extra cash!


Have more questions about running? Click the red bubble to talk with one of our team members! 

What is a runner?

A Runner is someone who is going out for an errand run and is willing to pick up other orders. 



What if I live in multiple communities?

You can switch communities at any time. 



What's the spend limit?

The spend limit is the amount you are willing to pay for your order. Because we do not know the price of every item, you have to set your spend limit which provides your runner with a way to pay for your orders.


At checkout, your runner will confirm the actual price of your items and you will be refunded the difference. We don't inflate prices or overcharge, the final amount is the listed price at the store. 



What does Runerra charge per order?

Runerra charges only 10% of your cart value as a buyer. For example, if your final checkout price was $20, we would charge an extra $2.00 as a processing and service charge.  If you are going on a run, Runerra also takes 10% of your delivery earnings. 



Where can I make a run? 

You are free to create a run to any location. Big retail stores, fast food chains, or even a local restaurant, it's all up to you!
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