Become a Neighborhood Lead

What's a Neighborhood Lead?

Pikup Neighborhood Leads are responsible for growing the neighborhood group. By working with the Pikup Team to setup mailing invitations, a neighborhood landing page, and relevant partnerships, together we can help spread the word! 

How Pikup is Helping Communities

"Thank you so much for dropping off items from HyVee for me. I really appreciate it! It’s my son’s birthday today & I needed just a couple extra ingredients to bake him a bday cake."


- Monica | Plymouth, MN


Characteristics of a Good Lead

Here are some of the characteristics we've found that our best Leads demonstrate (most have one or more of these, not necessarily all of these traits):

  • Active in their local community

  • Has large social or professional networks

  • Known and respected in the neighbourhood

  • Involved with local groups such as:

    • Neighborhood Association

    • Residents Association

Use the information you used during signup in the Pikup app.

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