Join your neighborhood.

Get what you need with your neighbors at local stores and restaurants for free.

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Share the Favor

Share a Pikup on your next errand run to help a neighbor and get rewarded at local stores.


Pikup is built on good neighbors helping each other, which means no fees.

Always Free.

Neighbors on Pikup are verified so you always know who’s dropping things off. 

Just your Neighbors.

Share the Favor.

Join the better neighbor club by coordinating Pikups to local stores with your neighbors.

Save the Trip.

Pikup connects you with friends and neighbors already shopping at local stores. 

We Make it Easy.

Pikup handles reimbursement and communication

automatically so you don’t have to.

Get Rewarded Together.

Save money, get cash back and earn freebies

at your favorite local stores when you use Pikup.

Join the better neighbor club
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