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Share this week's schedule with your neighbors on Nextdoor or Facebook and save 50% off on your order this week.

How to share Pikup on Nextdoor

1. Create a new post

Open Nextdoor and create a new "general" post. (You can also share to an email list, Facebook or to another platform.)

2. Add the image above

Save the image above and tap the "Add photo or video" button on Nextdoor.

3. Include this text below

"Weekly Grocery Delivery Service


I've been using an app called Pikup to get my groceries every week with my neighbors.


Deliveries are grouped together in the neighborhood at one time. The more people that join the cheaper it gets for everyone too!  


Here is this week's schedule, you can download the app at"

4. Show us your post

Take a screenshot of your post or send us your link in the Pikup app and get your promo code for 50% off your next order (it should look something like the post below).

Screen Shot 2021-08-15 at 8.57.02 PM.png