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National Cheese Pizza Day!

Hold the toppings, please! National Cheese Pizza Day is celebrated annually on September 5, and it’s time for you to celebrate in cheese-pizza style.

The Creation of Pizza

The beginnings of pizza aren’t exactly known, but many people date it back to Ancient Greece when people would cover their bread with oils, herbs, and cheese. That sounds like a pizza, right? However, the kind of flatbread pizza that is well-known now was first created in Naples, Italy, and it used the highest-quality of buffalo mozzarella to create the origins of the cheese pizza that is loved today. Yum!

Pizza Cravings Arrive in the America's

Eventually, travel and discovery led to pizza making its way to the Western Continent. The first pizza establishment in the Western world opened in 1905 in Little Italy in New York. Fun Fact: the popularity of pizza in the U.S rose dramatically following World War II. Veterans returning from the Italian Campaign, who has been introduced to Italy’s native cuisine, led the increase in pizza consumption at the time!


3 billion – Pizzas sold every year in the U.S.

350 – Slices of pizza sold every second

41% – American’s eating pizza every week

70,000 – Pizzerias in the U.S.

$40 billion – The size of the pizza industry in the U.S.

46 – Slices of pizza eaten each year by the average person.

6,600 – Pizzerias in California, more than any other state.

51,000 pounds – The weight of the largest pizza ever made

93% – Americans who will eat pizza at least once in the next 30 days.


1. Pizza Party (but not too big of a party) Everyone loves a slice of hot, cheesy pizza. Pick up some pizza's for the family or a small group of close friends!

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