• Josh Chang

National Guacamole Day!

It’s not just a side dish anymore.  On National Guacamole Day every September 16, we bring this delicious green dip into the spotlight.  Guacamole (or “guac”) is made of avocados, which are well-known for the health benefits related to their high vitamin content and lots of cholesterol-lowering healthy fats. 

Fun Facts about Guacamole

1. In 1883, Florida becomes the first US state to plant Avocado Trees.

2. American consumption of avocados jumps from 1 to 7 pounds per capita between 1994 and 2014!

3. Every year, over 45 Million pounds of Avocado are consumed on Superbowl Sunday.


There are infinite ways to prepare guacamole. Often times people spice up their guacamole with onion, garlic, cumin, tomato, and cilantro. Traditionally, guacamole is served with tortilla chips but it’s also good with corn chips, carrot sticks, and celery. Guac is also delicious on sandwiches and hamburgers or in salads. Some people even blend it into smoothies! So, Go Green with guacamole on September 16!

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