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National Potato Day!

National Potato day is this Wednesday, August 19th! Never celebrated this tasty tot before? Good news, we have some great ways to celebrate today and this versatile vegetable.

Potatoes have been a popular food for centuries so it’s about time we recognize this versatile and ap-peeling favorite. Mashed, smashed, chipped, or covered in cheese, potatoes can be eaten with just about every meal — or as a meal! — making these starchy veggies a delicious and easy way to get iron, Vitamin C, and potassium.

How Do People like their Potatoes?

1. The standard cut might be a classic, but when surveyed 22 percent of people said curly fries were their favorite type of french fry.

2. 46 percent of all people surveyed pick Lay's as their go-to bag of potato chips. 

3. At over one-in-three people surveyed, McDonald's is chosen more than any other fast food joint as the people's favorite place for fries. 


There’s no wrong way to prepare a potato and the Internet (and probably your grandma) have a million and one recipes for you to try. But if you'd like you can checkout Pikup's top recipes for you to try! Select a favorite, and discover for yourself why this hot potato is such a hot commodity. Don’t forget to invite some friends and make it an event!

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