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National Red Wine Day!

It’s always a good time for red wine, especially on August 28, National Red Wine Day. Today, grab your coolest glass and savor the taste of your favorite red wine.

A Taste of Red Wine History

800 B.C. | Thank the Greeks

The ancient Greeks perfect wine and use it for trade, religion, and health. As they conquer new lands, they plant grape vines, including in Spain and Italy.

1300s-1500s | Don't drink the water

For many years, Europe had no steady supply of clean drinking water causing the public (including children) to drink wine, instead.

1500-1600 | Spanish wine debuts in the New World

The Spanish bring wine to the Americas as a completely new alcoholic beverage.


1. Make sangria with your friends There are too many types of sangria for you to make by yourself. Instead invite your friends to bring over their own sangria recipes so you can taste and compare. Have everyone suggest a flavor, and settle on a recipe that combines the best of each idea.

2. Cook and unwind with a glass of wine Make a meal using red wine. You don't have to look very hard to find recipes for wine-based apps, entrees, and desserts. We have a feeling that the pairings will be spot on.

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