• Josh Chang

National Root Beer Float Day

Diet? Not on August 6. It’s National Root Beer Float Day, after all — a time to enjoy one of the best beverage/dessert combos on the planet.

It all started in Colorado back in 1893. Frank J. Wisner was inspired. Surrounded by Cow Mountain where his Cripple Creek Brewing Company was located, Wisner came up with a great idea. While mountain gazing, he didn’t see snow-covered peaks. Instead, Wisner says he envisioned scoops of ice cream floating in root beer.  Crazy, right? So, today, enjoy the tallest, fizziest root beer float you can find!


The Boston Cooler was invented in Detroit, of all places, and is made with Vernor's ginger ale and vanilla ice cream. In many Asian eateries you can order a Snow White, which is composed of vanilla ice cream and 7-Up or Sprite. In Mexico, you can grab a Holado flotante, a combination of cola and lemon sherbet.