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Pikup + Kowalski's Markets.

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Pikup has partnered with Kowalski's Markets to make it even easier for shoppers to get what they need.

Starting Thursday, May 7th, Kowalski's customers that use Pikup with their neighbors will be able to save 10% at the store on Pikups of $30 or more.

This means if you make a Pikup with a neighbor, or join a neighbor's Pikup to Kowalski's, you and your neighbor both save 10%.

We are particularly excited to be working with Kowalski's as all 11 stores* will be supporting this offer starting Thursday, May 7th at checkout.

We hope the partnership can help people get what they need and also help neighbors make a friend or two in the process.

Click the green arrow button to start your first Kowalski's Pikup!