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Runerra is now Pikup!

Updated: Jan 20, 2020

When we started Runerra in July of 2018, we had no idea the incredible journey we would be on.

After a lot of learnings over the last 12 months and ahead of our campus expansion to UW-Madison, we wanted to make a few changes around our brand and messaging to better reflect what we are about.

Why Pikup?

As we continued to see our app mature, we realized more and more that the closer we act as a delivery service, the closer we got to becoming one. Previously, Runners felt like delivery drivers (that running was a part-time job), and buyers because of this didn't, run themselves. Early campaigns like Deals Delivered showed us how strong the allure of last-mile services today are and that we needed to be radically different to make sure our users saw the distinction from the start.

Our goal is to make sure people know that anyone can be a Runner or Buyer. More often than not, the best users on our app did both. We realized "Runerra" didn't reflect this.

We wanted to unify around a single "verb." Similar to how "Venmo me" or "I'll get an Uber" packs everything the company does into an action. We wanted something that our users could use in regular speech to summarize the action that the group was about to take.

We've in the past tried Run and Favor, but never really saw it grab like we imagined. We asked users, and they felt the same way. But we could all agree on one thing, when a runner was out doing a run; they were, in fact, picking up what their friends, neighbors, and family needed.

Thus was born, Pikup. A single word that now reflects what a group of friends can expect when they use our app. One party is doing the Pikup, and the other requesting items onto the Pikup. Similar to how on Venmo, one party is requesting the money, and one party is paying.

Messaging and Colors

We've also removed language around "runner" and "buyer" to eliminate confusion for users and merchants alike. Since we needed to strive to get users to do both actions, it didn't make sense for us to label them separately like other services do.

We also refreshed our colors to what our users believed reflected "shopping," "eCommerce," and "retail." Reflected now in the Green we currently use across our brand.

We believe these changes around branding and messaging will help remove confusion, simplify the experience, and create stronger brand awareness within markets that we grow into.

If you have any feedback or want to share your thoughts, please let us know at [email protected].

Thanks for Reading! Until next time...

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