Support Local

Restaurants Together. 

1 in 4 local restaurants plan to close because of the pandemic. Let's change that.


Bring a Restaurant to

your Neighborhood.

Pikup connects restaurants directly with your neighborhood and helps you save together.

Neighborhood Dinner Drop-Off's

Dinner drop-offs allow you to connect with other neighbors and order from a restaurant at the same time with no fees.

Host a Food Truck

Neighborhoods can invite local food trucks to their neighborhood completely free of charge when using Pikup.

Free for you and your neighbors

Save more together with Pikup. Because orders are grouped we can help restaurants and you avoid expensive fees.

We handle everything

Pikup handles all communication with the restaurant and your neighborhood so you don't have to! Just let us know when and where to be.

Let's Get Started

Bring a restaurant to your neighborhood and support your local favorites.
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